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Charlotte Hager


Examples of different types of designs available through my consulting services.
Click through for more examples. 

Original Illustration

Designing and illustrating original graphics to be used for resources, branding, information, visuals, swag, etc. Sometimes you just want a one-of-a-kind graphic!

(color) Condom sizes - veggies.png


Demos of health informaiton.png

Simplifying complex information into visually interesting and accessible one-page FAQ or informational documents that can be shared digitally or printed as a flyer. 


Redesigning clinic, program, or organizational information into a small, postcard size printed materials to distribute at community events.

Untitled design (7).png

Powerpoint Slide Deck

Untitled design (8).png

Building out a branded slide deck that helps to visually connect back to the program or organization's key principles while creating a polished and cohesive impression.   

Resource (Re)Design

Utilizing human-centered design principles, reimagining information and resources in ways that are fun,  visually engaging, and accessible to the primary audience. 

Demos of health informaiton (2).png

Swag for Promotions

Demos of health informaiton (3).png

Designing branded materials for your next conference, meeting, team event, etc. Including original illustrations, graphics, and designs. 

Social Media Toolkits

Designing ready-to-go social media toolkits that house images, text, and graphics to be used in social media campaigns.* 

*Does not include posting or managing social media campaigns. 


Logos and Branding

MCH-NN_Logo (CHager).png

Building out logos for branding and uniform recognition for programs and organizations.  

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